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The background used on the title page is "Florescent Cloud Blanket" from Wikipedia User:Pocketthis.


Being very unfamiliar with HTML, CSS and javascript, I found to be an invaluable resource and cannot recommend it too highly.


Jenny gave me a great deal of useful feedback on the alpha-version of this website. As well as indicating a number of bugs, she pointed out that many people with chronic pain are not in the first flush of youth and might benefit from larger font sizes when reading the presentations. The buttons allowing font magnification in the presentations were her inspiration.


Fiona kindly read through the "Opioids in Chronic Pain" presentation and gave me some really helpful advice about annoying features, which I have done my best to rectify.

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This website is hosted by Small Green Tree. I wish that I had signed up with them years ago: they are friendly, helpful and inexpensive. Highly recommended.

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